Who I Am


I am an independent publicist who provides national publicity campaigns for books and authors, specializing in books on religion and spirituality.

For seven years I was senior publicist for Fortress Press in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During that time I designed and built an electronically based publicity program and researched and gathered over 20,000 publicity contacts—scholars and professors, clergy, religious and secular organizations and publications, newswriters, TV/radio broadcasters, multicultural media— for promoting over 100 books per year.

As a result I have gained considerable insight into the needs of news media that report on the intersection of faith in daily life and issues in religion and popular culture, and also into the academic and professional resource needs of lay persons, pastors, counselors, professors and theologians, and the professional journals that inform them.

I have built strong media relationships that allow me to communicate effectively with reviewers and reporters in print, broadcast, and electronic media based on their needs and interests, and work closely with professional journals, libraries, bookstores, and the academic community.

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