What People Are Saying

  • “In the whole of American publishing, is there a more active PR guy than you? As a former press secretary to two U.S. Senators, I appreciate your good works.”

    George Mitrovich, The City Club of San Diego

  • “Just to say, from the author’s perspective, how thrilled I was both with the stunning coast-to-coast coverage both in church press and secular papers. Clearly it’s been hugely effective.”

    N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, author of The Resurrection of the Son of God

  • ”Bob: Wow!! What effort!!! Thanks so very much.”

    Walter Brueggemann, McPheeters Professor of Old Testament Emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia, and the author of Theology of the Old Testament with CD-ROM

  • “You have been absolutely first-rate as a publicist.”

    John Wilson, Christianity Today

  • “Bob Todd gets things done due to a great network and a persistent resolve not to take NO for an answer. He made connections that I never could have made on my own. ”

    Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Professor of Reconciliation Studies at Bethel University in Saint Paul, Minnesota and author of Living Faith: How Faith Inspires Social Justice

  • “Dear Bob, Wow! What a job you have done. We never had it so good. With distribution this good, I might want to go with Fortress for my next ‘pop’ book rather than turning again to Doubleday.”

    Walter Wink, Professor of Biblical Interpretation Emeritus at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City, author of Jesus and Nonviolence

  • “Bob Todd has been everything a publicist could be. I have been thrilled!”

    L. Shannon Jung, Professor of Town and Country Ministry at St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, author of Sharing Food: Christian Practices for Enjoyment

  • “In my position as review editor I am in contact with many publicists at many firms and I am impressed by your proactive approach to publicity and promotion of titles. Your press releases are helpful and other forms of book and author promotion look good. I am also certain I do not see all that you do. Just a note of appreciation that you do an exceptional job of promoting your publisher’s titles.”

    Gilbert Hershey, Review Editor, Wordtrade.com

  • “Bob, you are wonderful, thorough, prompt, and astoundingly patient. Thank you for all.”

    Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, author of Healing a Broken World: Globalization and God

  • “I must say, you were the most upbeat, and pleasant publicity rep I interacted with during my tenure at the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture. I appreciate the time and effort you put into making my life easier.”

    Lucas F. Johnston, Associate Director, International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture

  • “You are such a wonder to work with, and I’ve really appreciated our emails and conversations. Thank you!”

    Molly Marsh, Sojourners

  • “I just wanted you to know that I am receiving so many wonderful responses as a result of your strategic and creative media campaign. I am so grateful for the support that you and others at Fortress Press have given my book. Thank you for all that you do.”

    Barbara A. Holmes, Associate Professor of Ethics and African American Religious Studies at Memphis Theological Seminary, and author of Joy Unspeakable: Contemplative Practices of the Black Church

  • “Bob, Thanks for the report. Impressive, overwhelming, even. No need for more suggestions. . . . ”

    Stephen J. Patterson, Professor of New Testament at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, author of Beyond the Passion: Rethinking the Death and Life of Jesus

  • “Bob: Wow! What service! What speed! Keep this up and you’ll have a reputation that no one could maintain!”

    C. Clifton Black, Otto A. Piper Professor of Biblical Theology, Book Editor, Theology Today, author of Mark: Images of an Apostolic Interpreter

  • “Thanks for all your recent updates. I’ve been forwarding them to the appropriate reviewers. I appreciate how proactive you are—it’s a big help to me.”

    Alyce M. McKenzie, Assistant Professor of Homiletics, Perkins school of theology, Southern Methodist University, and editor of Homiletic

  • ”Dear Bob, Just to repeat what I said on the phone—Dad and I are stunned (in the best sense of the word) by your truly Herculean efforts. Many, many thanks.”

    Raphael Isserlin and B. S. J. Isserlin, former President of the British Association for Jewish Studies and head of the Department of Semitic Studies at the University of Leeds, England, author of The Israelites

  • “Your work with Augsburg Fortress has been outstanding! Your prompt responses to requests for book reviews, etc. is unmatched among publishers. I do wish you well in your forthcoming ventures.”

    Marvin Bergman, Issues In Christian Education

  • “Bob, Thanks for the great work at AFP! As colleagues and board members and all of us beneficiaries of your work will attest, you have brought creativity and professionalism to this challenging position. I hope you find a position that meets your talents. God’s blessings.”

    Paul Wee, ELCA Pastor, Program Officer, Religion and Peacemaking Program, United States Institute of Peace

  • “You are the best in the business from my point of view. Thanks for all the great books and emails you have sent us over the years.”

    Teresa Blythe, Presbyterians Today

  • “For several years now, I’ve had a warm glow whenever I’ve seen your name beside a new message. It meant that a description of some interesting new book was waiting for me to look at. I pray that God will bless you and yours in whatever endeavor you will be entering.”

    Dr. Paul Hahn, Theology Department, University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas

  • “Thanks for all your publicity efforts. I’m impressed at your organization, and at the fact that you were thoughtful enough to share all that with me.”

    Rev. Dr. Philip Culbertson, St. John’s Theological College, Auckland, New Zealand, author of The Spirituality of Men

  • “Dear Bob, Your business card calls you ‘Senior Publicist’ but I think it ought to be ‘Master Publicist’. . . . You are much to be thanked for what you have done for a very large newspaper-reading population.”

    Gerard Sloyan, Professor Emeritus of Religion at Temple University and Visiting Professor of Religion and Religious Education at Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C, author of Why Jesus Died

  • “Dear Bob, Received today your very fine package of publicity material. I don’t see how it could be bettered. Made me want to read the book myself! . . . I feel I’ in very good hands, and am extremely grateful.”

    Peter Matheson, past Principal of the Theological College at the University of Melbourne, author of The Imaginative World of the Reformation

  • ”It’s been such a pleasure to work with you throughout my time with The Living Church Foundation. You’ve been unfailingly helpful in providing updates and needed information, and I’ve always received promised review copies in a timely manner. I’ll miss working with you.”

    Michael O’Loughlin, The Living Church Foundation

  • “You’ve done more than remarkable work communicating and sharing books from AFP. I will miss your presence here and wish you the very best.”

    Julie Aageson, ELCA Resource Centers

  • “You have provided terrific service to those of us publishing periodicals. I am grateful and I wish you well in whatever comes next.”

    Pat Marrin, Celebration editor, The National Catholic Reporter

  • “Bob, Thank you for all your good and hard work to keep us abreast of recent and relevant publications.”

    Michael Mata, National Director of the Tools for Transformation Program of World Vision U.S.

  • “You have done a faithful and proactive job in marketing and have made Fortress much more visible and ‘present’ than most publishing houses (the e-mails notification is great). Thank you for your efforts.”

    Warren Carter, Professor of New Testament, Brite Divinity School

  • “You were an indefatigable promoter of Fortress and Augsburg publications, with comprehensive and most inviting announcements of new books. I will miss you . . . ”

    Peter Machinist, Hancock Professor of Hebrew and other Oriental Languages, Harvard University, editor of Deutero-Isaiah: A Commentary

  • “You have been terrific! I love getting your e-mails.”

    Kathleen O’Connor, William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA

  • “You are right on the ball! Very helpful way you do this. I wish all publishers would do it like you do.”

    Karl Giberson, Editor, Research News & Opportunities in Science and Theology (Templeton Foundation Press)

  • “Thank you for the years of friendly and efficient service on behalf of the press to us here at NTA.”

    Christopher Matthews, Editor, New Testament Abstracts

  • “You have been a real mover and shaker in religious book publicity and I hope you do write a book to share your secrets of success.”

    John Parman, Producer, Interfaith Voices, National Public Radio

  • “You have provided extraordinary service to Augsburg Fortress and to individual authors. I will forever be indebted to you for your assistance. As you promoted my books, you did more than feed the mind. You fed people’s hearts and souls, which in turn helped feed hungry children around the world and helped to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.”

    Donald E. Messer, Executive Director, Center for the Church and Global AIDS, author of
    Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence and co-author (with George McGovern and Bob Dole) of Ending Hunger Now

  • “Thank you, Bob, for all the efforts you have made to keep me informed. You have been invaluable in my search for quality texts and resources for our seminary and my classes.”

    Fr. Leon Hutton, Georgetown University Library, Book Review Editor for Theological Studies

  • “Dear Bob, Thanks very much for sending this extremely impressive list of publicity activities. I am amazed at what all you have done.”

    Terry D. Hershey, Professor of Psychology at St. Louis Community College in Meramec, Missouri, author of Dimensions of Evil

  • “It has been a pleasure to work with you, because you are such a reliable partner.”

    Robert Jewett, Guest Professor of New Testament at the University of Heidelberg and Professor of New Testament Interpretation Emeritus at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, author of Mission and Menace: Four Centuries of American Religious Zeal

  • “You have done your job wonderfully!”

    Sam Wall, Christian Research Institute

  • “You have been a very good publicist for my books, and your prompt responsiveness to my queries and concerns are a model to be emulated by all.”

    George Nickelsburg, Emeritus Professor of Religion at the University of Iowa, author of 1 Enoch: A New Translation

  • “Thank you for being such an extraordinary publicist. It was a joy to work with you. Even though we never met, it was like corresponding with an old friend when your notes arrived.

    Willem Boshoff, Review Editor, Old Testament Essays, Dept of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, University of South Africa

  • “You have done outstanding work on my Psalms book. I appreciate your professionalism, courtesy, know-how, and efficiency.”

    Marshall Johnson, author of Psalms through the Year: Spiritual Exercises for Every Day

  • “I really enjoyed working with you. You were one of the few publicists who were very reliable, and a pleasure working with. All the best for your future.”

    Emily Marlow, Producer, The Catholic Channel, Sirius Satellite Radio

  • “I want to let you know how much I appreciate the way you let publications and interested organizations know of your new books. I work with more than 125 publishers and I have always appreciated the e-mails you send on new books, and how swiftly you mail review copies when I request something. You do good work!!!”

    Pegge Bernecker, Media Review Editor, Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Directors International

  • “You have done your job to the max and I’ve appreciated the way in which you have done it”

    Caren Goldman, Editor, The Bible Workbench

  • “This looks fantastic. I am very impressed. Maybe that is why my Fortress Press books do better. Now I know.”

    Don Browning, Alexander Campbell Professor of Religion and Psychological Studies at The Divinity School, University of Chicago, author of Religious Thought and the Modern Psychologies

  • “WOW — WOWOWOWOW! I’ve always sort of wanted to be a publicist —now I see what it’s all about!”

    Ann Hafften, Coordinator for Middle East networking for the Division for Global Mission, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, author of Water from the Rock

  • “I always felt that under your guidance the publicity department at Fortress worked better than any other publisher with whom I deal. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for your future.”

    Paul Foster, Professor of New Testament, University of Edinburgh, Editor of Expository Times

  • “Bob, You have been very user-friendly, informative, helpful and great to work with. I hope our paths cross in the future.”

    Gary J. Oliver, Executive Director, The Center for Relationship Enrichment, John Brown University

  • “I have felt so cared for and supported. Thanks so very much.”

    Joann Nesser, founder of Christos Center for Spiritual Formation in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, author of Contemplative Prayer: Praying When the Well Runs Dry

  • “Dear Bob, Your publicity efforts look excellent—very, very thorough. I am most pleased.”

    Thomas Hart, Professor of Theology, Seattle University, author of Hidden Spring: The Spiritual Dimension of Therapy, Second Edition

  • “Bob, you’ve done a marvelous job. I can’t ask for any more, nor can I think of any outlets that you haven’t covered. Thanks again.”

    Robert Benne, Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion Emeritus and Director of the Center for Religion and Society at Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia, author of Ordinary Saints